Духовные христиане


Agafia & Ivan Ignat'vich Ledaoff My Great Grandparents. Ivan was visited by an Angel as a youth in Russia in 1866. Many future…
Fenya, Grigorii & Polya Grandfather George John Ignat Ledaoff/Egnatoff with his sisters Fannie Ivanovna Kashergen (on his right) &…
G.Eg Can't be Absolutely sure this who I say it is, but it sure looks like my Grandfather to me. (GB)
Geo&Kate Don't know where or when, but that's them for sure. This was an 'Arranged Marriage' in Russia (Armenia)
Esther Wm. Esviria Vasillievna Afanasi (Shubina)(1866 -1943) m: Efim Gavrilovich Shubin. The parents of my Grandmother Katia Efimevna.
Egn. Jack G. My Uncle Jack. Wasn't he a cutie? Nice guy too.
KateEf She sure was a fun Lady. You should have seen how she & Lynn's Grandmother, Florence (Snyder) Wiseman got along. Like long lost…
Jak&L Egna. Uncle Jack & Aunt Lois at their Home in Oregon.
Jk.Jun & Mom OR My Mother June G. & Uncle Jack G. Egnatoff with their Mother Katie in Oregon 1971
KatsiaEE Looks like she's waiting for Something. Probably to be taken to Church.
Grigorieffs Grandmother went to visit Uncle Jack in Oregon and came home a bride, married to Ion Ivanovich in 1971.
J,K,&G. My Mother with her Mother & Granddaughter/Great-Granddaughter Georgina J. Gusiff. (my neice)
Eg Paul G 1940s
WmEg Ist cousin, William Paul George John Ignat EGNATOFF. Owns and operates a Construction Company in Phoenix, AZ. (Last I heard..)
Shirley Photo courtesy of Jessica Burrell (Great Grand-daughter)
Vicky&Jim (1918 - 2010) Uncle Jim was my Dune Buggy Buddy during the 1960's
Photo courtesy of Jessica Burrell (Great Grand-daughter)