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Members of the William Wm. Bolder Family.
All photos, (except as noted) courtesy of Diane "Dede" Wm. Bolder.

The Great Grandparents of Mary John (Samarin) Bolder.
Grandparents, Uncle & Mother (Anna V.) of Mary John (Samarin) Bolder.
Grand Uncle & Aunt and other relatives of Mary John (Samarin) Bolder.
Mary John Samarin-'Bolder' & her sister Tanya.
Samarin, Ivan Timofe'vich Mikhail (1884- 1976). Father of Mary John (Samarin) Bolder. A Carpenter/Builder & Translator.
Picking Grapes in Delano, CA. Mary "would fill the boxes but John T. Tarnoff (Foreman) would load them on the truck."
John & William ("Bill") Wm. Bolderoff _ ? Reported to be.. Photo courtesy of Douglas Wm. Bolder
In 1948 my Father (John Wm. Boldroff) and Uncle Bill Bolder purchased a half of section of "Sagebrush and Sand" about 13 miles…
3rd husband of Diane. A Country & Western singer-?