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Various photos of the Bolderoff Family Album ready to be Posted on the Internet, from when I was thinking of creating a Bolderoff Genealogy Site.

Mike Tomaszweka Family1. Photo provided by Stella A. (Vidinoff) Volkov/Owens.
Varria F. Tolochkina. Our Great Grandmother.
Wm.&M.-Farm. Masha S. & Wm. P. Bolderoff on their 20 Acre Cotton Farm in Shafter, CA. - 1920's/30's
Wm.P.& Friends. Masha Stepanovna (Kazeyeva) & Vasillii Petrovich Bolderoff, with unknown friends.
Kozeyevi. Grandmother Masha's Brother Vasillii with daughters Tatiana & Vera, who live in Erevan, Armenia (2005).
JuliaS. Grandmother Masha's Sister, Dunia (Julia) Stepanovna Kozeyeva. Her 1st. husband was a 'KHOZIN', (spelled "CHOZIN" by…
Wm Orloff and Vera (sitting), Dave Paul Lidyoff & Tim Haprov. Uncle Bill Wm. Orloff & Aunt Vera Wm. (Bolderoff)
I'm told that Grandfather William P. Bolderoff brought this "handmade"-(?) nickle/silver spoon with him in his pocket when he…
Testamony I. Military Conscription Document for Vasillii Petrovich Bolderoff - 1897 Thanks to Aunt Vera Wm. Orloff, for keeping them all…
One of my most prized posessions, inherited from my Father John Wm. Sure am glad he didn't turn it into a Table Lamp as he once considered.